Topics that are frequently the presenting issue in therapy:

  • Feelings of Anxiety
  • Feelings of Depression
  • Feelings of Stress
  • Loss
  • Life Transitions
  • Injury and Pain Management
  • Illnesses, both chronic and acute
  • Dysfunctional Relationships
  • Low or Moderate Self-Esteem
  • Addiction
  • Trauma
  • Eating Disorders
  • Self-harming behaviors (i.e. Cutting)
  • “Stuck” situations
  • Serving all age ranges from children to adults. I typically recommend that any children who are unable to sit and talk for roughly 45-50 minutes would be helped more by remaining at home for the session, so that we can work on helping parents to parent more effectively.

Sessions are offered for 50 minutes in length, and payments are as follows:
Individuals – $150, Couples, $150, Families – $175 for 90 min session. Payments are acceptable by cash, check, or credit card and I am an in-network provider for the following insurance companies: Blue Cross/Blue Shield (All plans BUT the Empire Plan), and United Healthcare/Optum/Oxford (though no longer the Community Plan). I am also able to bill out of network on your behalf for other companies who provide mental health coverage.